Chav moms home porn movie

Kinky blonde chav Cameron Amore is one horny sexy slut mom you do not want to miss, Cameron has only just moved into the Chavley court block of flats and has already heard about the goings on of flat 69 by the other girls who have gone there. Sexy mom Cameon wanted to make her own porn movie and popped down to the make shift porn studio for her own bit of action. After a brief chat with Willy and Justin they headed into the bedroom where this sexy chav mom began to strip until her whole gorgeous body was on display, she then bent in kinky positions to show of her hot ass and shaven twat before pulling a sex toy from under the pillow and ramming it deep inside her and fucked it like it was the real thing. This chav slut screamed the place down as she rode her toy and had a very good orgasm.

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Drunk chav fucking a wine bottle

Another day and another hot chav to wank over. The stunning Masie Dee was picked up from her local booze basement shop and boy did she look the part in a tiny skirt that hardly covered her sexy ass, stripy stockings and a tight top, Masie was already a little bit drunk and horny so didnt need much persuading from the guys at Chavley court. Once she was back in the flat she headed straight to the bedroom where she began peeling of her clothes complaining that she felt a little hot, Willy told her to carry on stripping if she wanted and she was soon in her pretty bra and panties. This drunk chav slut then spotted the wine bottle on the floor which was soon full of wine and decided she was going to fuck it instead of drink it. Masie fucked the bottle so hard then giggled incase it exploded and shot her across the room, well that didnt put her off and she continued to fuck herself until she had her own bubbles building up in her pussy.

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Chav teen whore makes a few extra quid

Fancy another chav teen to shake your cock at? then why not check out Xrated chav tart Kimberly Scott who was picked up in a busy Wolverhampton street and took back to chavley court for a private sex show, well its not exactly private now is it if the whole of the UK can see this chav whore shoving a toy deep inside her snatch. Kimberly Scott needed to make a few extra quid and soon jumped at the chance of stripping off and getting naughty for Willy and Justin. The guys watched on as Kimberly fucked herself she got so wet at one point that you could hear the toy squelching as she pushed it in and out, Kimberly didnt hold back and continued to fuck herself harder and harder until she cum and she was left quivering in a heap on the bed.

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Mega boobed teen chavs phone sex

Mega boobed teen chav Sarah Jayne whos a little bit tipsy have a phone sex session with her boyfriend as Willy and Justin look on. Sexy Sarah Jayne was a real filthy talker and soon had every one including her boyfriend ready to shoot their loads. Anyway this hot phone session began with steamy talk and Sarah getting her pussy wet slipping her hands down her panties and then fingering her pussy, Once she was extremely wet she she took of her panties and began to fuck her wine bottle, This dirty chav teen moaned and groaned and soon brought herself to orgasm and belive me every cock in the room was emptied after this hot show.

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Hot chav slappers get it on

What do you get when you stick two of the hottest chavs in the same room? A hardcore girl on girl session and sexy chav sluts Tanya Cox and Masie Dee certainly didnt dissapoint. These filthy chav slappers made sure Willy and Justin got front row seats to their hardcore lesbian romp. Masie and Tanya began stripping out of their cheap primark trackies and were soon in their underwear which didnt stay on for long, they then began to kiss with Tanyas head heading down south and licking Masies already wet pussy, Once Tanya made her chav lover cum she settled back on the chair and ordered Masie to lick her twat, the session became even harder and soon both chav sluts were finger fucking and toy fucking each other until they cum.

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Chav slut

Asian chav slut

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Birmingham chav Kaz B at chavley court

With Willy out for the day it was left to Justin to go chav hunting and after already meeting Kaz B he invited her around to the flat for some fun, Kaz loved the fact that he asked her and after having a row with her boyfriend who in her words thinks is gay she goes and knocks on Justins door he greets her and asks her into the kitchen as hes making himself a cup of coffee, with his back turned Kaz has jumped on the worksurface and already has her hands down her pants, fucking hell comes Justins reply when he sees what this chav slut is doing, I’m horny and love to masturbate says Kaz, Well dont let me stop you says Justin and she soon runs one off, the kinky slut even gets kinkier and fucks herself with a bananna which ends in a sloppy mess as it goes in and out of her moist warm pussy. When she’s finished she pulls back on her panties and heads back to her boyfriends flat with a huge smile on her face.

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College chav Isabel Dean is one dirty slut

Up next is sexy chubby College babe Isabel Dean, Isabel was waiting outside college for the bus and was greeted by chav pervs Willy and Justin after much persuading on their half they got Isabel in the van and took her back to chavley court where she had an hour for filthy fun ( She was picked up on lunch break lol) Willy shows Isabel into the bedroom and she’s soon whipping of her clothes and showing of her chubby body and playing with her tits she jiggles them about and plays with her nipples before removing her panties and showing of her hairy muff. Isabel then starts to rub one off before the guys let her know there is a toy under the pillow her eyes widen and shes soon teasing her clit with the toy, she’s so turned on and soon rams it deep in her twat and it isnt long before shes cum. Check it out for yourselves now.

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Rampant chav Shay wild at Chavley court

Things are getting hotter at Chavley court and the chav babes are getting hotter and hotter, just check out their latest chav sexy Welsh blonde stunner Shay Hendrix. Shay promises to be dirtier and badder than all the chav sluts to have already graced Chavley court and she doesnt dissapoint. After getting to know Willy and Justin she begins to do a strip tease out of her blue striped tracksuit bottoms and top. Shay is soon sitting in her sexy lacy pants and her grey trainer socks, She slips her hands down her pants and soon begins to rub her muff which has her wet in no time. Out comes Welsh chav Shay’s favourite sex toy and the rampant chav is soon fucking herself real hard. This rampant wild slut soon has Willy and Justin cumming in their pants, Love Shay Hendrix then you are going to love this.

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Chav Holly Kiss playing with herself down the canal

Heres something a little different for all us chav fans to enjoy! Sexy Holly Kiss in the great outdoors well down a Wolverhampton canal pantyless and playing with her snatch on public steps, Holly Kiss wasnt put off about anyone seeing her infact one guy happened to walk down the stairs and catch her playing with herself. He asked Holly if he could take pictures, sure she said as many as you like before he cheekily asked if if he could cop a feel a feel of her bald pussy she let him and this turned her on even more. Exhibitionist chav Holly was so turned on and fucked herself until she shuddered and brought herself to an almighty orgasm. If you love amateur exhibitionist and outdoor porn then guys you are going to love this from sexy Holly Kiss.

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